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E2M Video – Boston Social Forum and PV Relocalization Conference

September 4, 2007

Our current economic system is unsustainable because its success depends on increasing levels of consumer purchases, household debt, poverty, resource consumption, environmental degradation, and other undesirable elements. This system is now unraveling, resulting in much of today’s social, economic, and environmental malaise. It is a Titanic and we can sing the same old tune with the band or we can launch the lifeboats to a bright, sustainable future for all. This video about E2M, an Economic Movement for Millennium 2000, filmed at the Boston Social Forum on July 25, 2004 and the Pioneer Valley Relocalization Conference on September 30, 2007, will make the situation very clear.

For a short E2M vision talk at the 2007 Relocalization Conference, Northampton, MA go to:

For a longer lecture detailing how E2M works, go to:

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E2M Economic Movement for Millennium 2000- Community Conscious Capitalism

September 4, 2007

E2M is a new economic model of community capitalism that can lead to a sustainable future largely devoid of social, economic, environmental, and corporate injustice.

Our current capitalist model is controlled by individuals and corporations seeking to achieve maximum profit and maximum growth for themselves or their relatively few investors. It has strayed considerably from the original intent of capitalism- to create a fair and sustainable relationship between landowners, entrepreneurs, the state, and the working class. The E2M model places us back on that original track while working compatibly within the current system. Its intent is to transform, not to disrupt the current model.

In the E2M economic model, regional communities, as entities, use the tool of capitalism to create enormous amounts of wealth for themselves just as individuals and corporations have been doing for centuries. The Regional Economic Council, a non-governmental group of citizens formed to administer the regional model, uses this wealth to benefit the region, its citizens and other E2M regional communities around the nation and globe. Although these regional communities are independent, they can act collectively to create a new economic global network based on caring, sharing, spirituality, and connectedness. Using E2M Community Capitalism, communities can become as economically powerful as large corporations and use their wealth to create a bright and sustainable future for all.

E2M is not just a theory or idea. We have already established the first E2M Economic Community and the E2M Regional Economic Council of Western Massachusetts (E2M-REC) which now has the support of local and federal elected officials, educators, entrepreneurs, students, labor leaders, investors, and community members.

If you think we are on the wrong track as a society and you are ready for a completely new, caring, sharing free market approach to a bright future, then visit: