E2M Video – Boston Social Forum and PV Relocalization Conference

Our current economic system is unsustainable because its success depends on increasing levels of consumer purchases, household debt, poverty, resource consumption, environmental degradation, and other undesirable elements. This system is now unraveling, resulting in much of today’s social, economic, and environmental malaise. It is a Titanic and we can sing the same old tune with the band or we can launch the lifeboats to a bright, sustainable future for all. This video about E2M, an Economic Movement for Millennium 2000, filmed at the Boston Social Forum on July 25, 2004 and the Pioneer Valley Relocalization Conference on September 30, 2007, will make the situation very clear.

For a short E2M vision talk at the 2007 Relocalization Conference, Northampton, MA go to:


For a longer lecture detailing how E2M works, go to:


For more info visit http://www.e2m.org


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  1. e2morg Says:

    Thank you for your request. What is your interest in E2M and your organization?

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