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Moving Ahead

October 18, 2008

If you read the dates on the preceeding entries you’ll see that I could do a better job of keeping current. I have to admit that, being a farmboy, I was always more focused on getting things done than reading or writing about what has been or could be.  Now that so much has been done and the E2M infrastructure is established in Western Massachusetts, I will do my best to keep the reader informed about the E2M vision and accomplishments.

If you’ve read the previous material, you know that E2M is an alternative economic system that was born on January 1, 2000.  Much of what I wrote starting on that cold but sunny morning on the first day of the new millennium is coming to pass. A number of people have recently called to tell me I’ve been vindicated due to the recent meltdown of our financial system.  Of course, I do not consider it a meltdown yet, because there is more to come. This is just the beginning as evidenced in the mortgage markets.  We still have the crash of the credit card, pension fund, insurance industry, municipal bonds, and other lesser elements waiting on the sidelines for their turn at the headlines.

Fortunately, E2M is here as a solution to the problem.

It will not save this system, especially since the system is not worth saving nor can it be saved. In just the past three weeks, we’ve thrown close to 3 Trillion dollars at it in the form of the “bailout fund” plus another 2 Trillion in bank guarantees.  This does not count the amount that the US gov will invest buying equity in banks. So 4 Trillion dollars total not counting interest payments has been committed so far with more to come. If this cannot keep this monster afloat, it certainly isn’t for the lack of money. It’s not a money problem. Just as we can’t drill our way out of the energy problem, we can’t buy our way out of the economic problem. Let the monster go. There is a better way.  I will keep you posted as to what is happening to me and E2M as a result of real things that are happening in our first E2M Region here in Western Mass.